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NEON BORDEAUX 2023 - DVD Cover (front)

An audience video recording from the third of four concerts in France during The Sisters of Mercy's Europe 2023 Tour

Recording Notes

  • Format: DVD (MP4)
  • Lineage:
unknown device and video format
--> conversion into MP4 --> upload to video channel
  • Duration: 1:23:54 hrs
  • Circulated: November 2023

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  • Very good sound and vision.
  • This is a fanbase production.


  • Kai  - guitars, backing vocals


  • Recorded live on 20 October 2023 at Le Krakatoa, Mérignac, Bordeaux, France.

Track List

  • Intro
NEON BORDEAUX 2023 - DVD Cover (back)


NEON BORDEAUX 2023 - DVD Cover (complete)
The Sisters of Mercy @Le Krakatoa, Mérignac, Bordeaux, France, 20 October 2023 - The full show