Manchester University Oct 1984

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Purple Haze in Manchester - CD Coverart (front)

Audience Live Recording of The Sisters of Mercy's gig on October 13, 1984 at Manchester University.


  • Format: data or CD-r (most probably)
  • As this was not intended to ever go on sale, no artwork was initially included.
The coverart presented here was made by PlanetDave for this (and/or any similar recording)
naming the bootleg Purple Haze In Manchester

Any further information on taper, equipment, lineage etc is very welcome.


Track List

  1. Burn
  2. Heartland
    Purple Haze In Manchester - CD Coverart (back)
  3. Marian
  4. Walk Away
  5. No Time To Cry
  6. Anaconda
  7. Emma
  8. A Rock And A Hard Place
  9. Train
  10. Floorshow
  11. Alice
  12. Body Electric
  13. Gimme Shelter
  14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  15. Hey Joe
  16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  17. Purple Haze
  18. Stairway To Heaven
  19. Ghostrider
  20. Louie Louie