Knocking On Odeon's Door (2LP)

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Knocking On Odeon's Door - Cover (front)
Knocking On Odeon's Door - Cover (back)

A very recent live bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Black October Tour in 1984.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 35
  • Format: 2 × 12" vinyl LP
  • Production Note: Lathe Cut
  • Released: 2016 (Europe)



  • This bootleg is a limited edition of 50 copies.
  • The concert featured here was transferred from a tape with an audience recording and converted into 24-bit data format.
Typical crowd noises are clearly audible.
  • The recording is pressed on 180g transparent(clear) vinyl with black printed labels showing a head & star logo,
the name of the band and the according side number.
  • In the photo on the cover front, there's most likely Andrew Eldritch on stage during the gig.
  • The cover back shows the track list, the track times, the recording date and the "label" logo,
underneath which there is also a rectangular space for the hand-numbering of each copy .../5o

Track List

Record One
Side A Duration                                                                     Side B Duration
  A1   Burn     3:11   B1   Body And Soul                                             3:47
  A2   Heartland     3:57   B2   No Time To Cry     4:24
  A3   Marian     5:43   B3   Anaconda     3:33
  A4   Walk Away                                                    3:55   B4   Emma     6:33

Record Two
Side C Duration                                                                     Side D Duration
  C1   A Rock And A Hard Place                                3:44   D1   Gimme Shelter     5:59
  C2   Train     2:46   D2   Knockin' On Heaven's Door                                 5:30
  C3   Floorshow     4:26   D3   Adrenochrome     3:59
  C4   Alice     3:32   D4   Louie Louie     6:41
  C5   Body Electric     5:01

Additional Pictures

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Knocking On Odeon's Door - Clear Vinyl (Side A)
Knocking On Odeon's Door - Clear Vinyl (Side B)
Knocking On Odeon's Door - Clear Vinyl (Side C)
Knocking On Odeon's Door - Clear Vinyl (Side D)