Knockin' On Docks' Door

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Knockin' On Docks' Door - Cover (front)

A 2LP vinyl bootleg that features one of the energetic concerts during Tour Thing 1 in 1990,
promoting the then newly released Vision Thing album .

Back in those days, The Sisters Of Mercy performed three concerts in a row at DOCKS in
Hamburg, (Eldritch's temporary home at the time) on November 16th, 17th and 18th, 1990.

The present 2 LP release gives a full recording of the second gig.

Also, and more importantly, two songs from this concert - Ribbons and Something Fast -
were later used for side B of the official 12" When You Don't See Me single .

Knockin' On Docks' Door - Tour crew credits on the back

Release Notes

  • Label: The Reptile House Ltd.
  • Format: 2 × 12" vinyl LP
  • Catalogue#: SM 901 117
  • Barcode: 0 71875 579828
  • Runouts: SM-901117-A to D
  • Released: 1991, although,
the cover states 1990
as the year of release


Copies with plain black and red labels do exist as well.
also released in 1991. It was possibly taken from the center page of the Vision Thing Tour Programme,
and for this reason, a fine hairline is visible just where the booklet is folded.

Back Cover Remarks

  • Besides the usual track list, the album title, the band name, and some information on the venue,
there are further interesting details listed on the cover back:
- ℗ & © 1990 The Reptile House Ltd.
- a full list of the tour crew (see the image on the right), also taken from the Vision Thing Tour Programme.
- a "Reptile House Approved" logo in shoddy resolution, (see the image in the middle below).


Although, it is not mentioned in the track list, the album does start with the final notes of this song.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/knockindocksdoors

Knockin' On Docks' Door - Greek Box (content)
Knockin' On Docks' Door - Greek Box (front)

A Greek box set does exist as well.

  • The box set is - of course - an allegedly limited
edition, in this case of 10 hand-numbered copies.
  • The box itself is black and has the band name,
the bootleg title and a Merciful Release Logo
as a golden deco print on the front. All this has
definitely nothing to do with The Sisters of Mercy
but is used to fake up an official appearance.

The contents of this box set are:

  • the two LPs and obviously a t-shirt;
  • a concert ticket, but from Wembley;
  • a hand-numbered insert sheet with a track list;

The box is being sold on eBay by a Greek seller, for the first time in 2012 - 22 years after the initial release of this bootleg!!! ... and regular copies surface ever since...

Track List

Record One Record Two
Side A Side B Side C Side D
A1   First And Last And Always                       B1   Dominion/Mother Russia                               C1   Doctor Jeep D1   Jolene
A2   Lucretia, My Reflection B2   Flood II C2   Amphetamine Logic                               D2   Temple Of Love
A3   Body And Soul B3   Valentine C3   Alice D3   Something Fast
A4   Detonation Boulevard B4   Heartland C4   Gimme Shelter D4   Vision Thing
A5   Ribbons    C5   This Corrosion   

Additional Pictures

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Knockin' On Docks' Door - Cover (back)
Knockin' On Docks' Door - a detail from the cover back - the "Reptile House Approved" logo (low res as is)
Knockin' On Docks' Door - Label Record 1 (Side A)

Knockin' On Docks' Door - With Black Labels
Knockin' On Docks' Door - With Black And Red Labels
Knockin' On Docks' Door - With Merciful Release Labels