Sat, 17-Nov-1990

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Announcement Poster for the German Tour Dates

Docks, Hamburg, Germany

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's first tour in their new Vision Thing line-up Tour Thing I

Support act: Underneath What

The concert was recorded.

Tracks 1-17 are available on the 2 LP bootleg Knockin' On Docks' Door.


  1.  Afterhours (Intro)
  2.  First And Last And Always
  3.  Lucretia, My Reflection
  4.  Body And Soul
  5.  Detonation Boulevard
  6.  Ribbons
  7.  Dominion/Mother Russia
  8.  Flood II
  9.  Valentine
 10.  Heartland
 11.  Doctor Jeep
 12.  Amphetamine Logic
 13.  Alice
 14.  Gimme Shelter
 15.  This Corrosion
 16.  Jolene
 17.  Temple Of Love
 18.  Something Fast
 19.  Vision Thing