Kings Theatre Brooklyn 2023 (DVD)

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Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 - DVD Cover (front)

The Sisters first show in Brooklyn filmed during the Sisters At The Planet Edge Tour

of North America in 2023 on Friday, 2nd June in New York.

Recording Notes

  • Original Video Tapers:
Kamil Walczak (single-tracks), Peterkj11 (single-tracks), NYC Geezer (single-tracks),
alleyc8cat (2-track), Stefan Sonic (full show), Dr Avalanche (multicam full-show)
- compilation depending on preference
  • Format: DVD (MP4)
  • Video Editing (multicam): Dr Avalanche
or whoever might do their own compilation from the above and other sources
  • Circulated: June 2023


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  • This is a fanbase production for personal use only


Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 - DVD Cover (back

Track List


Brooklyn Kings Theatre 2023 - DVD Cover (complete)
Multicam Full-Show Video uploaded by Travis Bickle1963 for Dr Avalanche