Good Reason

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Good Reason - DVD Cover (front)

... scattering the good things

A fanbase-produced mulitcam video DVD-bootleg featuring

The Sisters of Mercy Live at the Royal Albert Hall in 1985.

Release Notes

  • Taper: Solitude
  • Label: none
  • Format: Data, DVD-r
  • Released: December 2012


  • All coverart and editing by Heartland Forum member jost7
  • Cordial Thanks go to Jenny for providing the fantastic (and real) audio
    and to the filmer of the special footage.

Cover Notes from the Editor:

For the first time this set brings the full show and real audio.

Wake's disorientations were deleted as far as possible

and intros are no longer trunquated.

Follow from the first sniff to the last whiff.

Good Reason - DVD Inlay (right)


NOTE: This is a DVD made by the fans for the fans

and by no means intended for any sort of sale!!!

Good Reason - DVD Inlay (left)

Track List

 1.  Intro: Free Bird Phoenix
 2.  First And Last And Always
 3.  Body And Soul
 4.  Marian
 5.  No Time To Cry
 6.  Walk Away
 7.  Possession
 8.  Emma
 9.  Amphetamine Logic
10.  A Rock And A Hard Place
11.  Floorshow
12.  Alice
13.  Gimme Shelter
14.  Fix
15.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
16.  Train
17.  Ghostrider / Louie Louie

Additional Pictures

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Good Reason - DVD Cover (back)
Good Reason - DVD Cover (outside complete with spine)
Good Reason - DVD Cover (inlay complete with spine)