Blondie Santiago 2016 (DVD)

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Blondie Santiago 2016 - DVD Cover (front)

A Video-DVD from The Sisters of Mercy's Latin America travels in Summer 2016

recorded, filmed, compiled and produced by the fanbase worldwide.

Release Notes

  • Taper (Audio & Video): Carlos 'turk' Torrejón
  • Format: Dvd (3.79go)
  • Video Lineage:
-->> Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 13.0
-->> TMGPEnc Authoring Work 4
  • Released: 24 October 2016


  • Total running time: 01:26:14
Here's a short excerpt from the DVD @YouTube

Band / Line-up

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Blondie Santiago 2016 DVD Cover (back)

Track List

Additional Pictures

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Blondie Santiago 2016 - DVD Cover (complete)
Blondie Santiago 2016 - DVD Lightscribe