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2022 NZ The Hunter Lounge Logo.png

The Hunter Lounge, Wellington, New Zealand

2022 is the year of many a first times for The Sisters of Mercy, like lots of songs played live for the first time.
This is the first time for them to play a second gig in New Zealand during a tour, in Wellington, at The Hunter Lounge,
for the first time. From what we get, it was a great show.

Check the according Heartland Forum threat for some reviews, links to photos and everything.

Support act again were ELKO FIELDS.

2022 - scream the hunter lounge.jpg

With many thanks to the uploaders at Full Metal Wastecoat, we can enjoy a 14-plus-minute video compilation from the show further down here on the right side including some very entertaining snippets of First And Last And Always, Marian, More, When I'm On Fire and .... plenty more ... just give it a listen ... It also includes parts of the ELKO FIELDS performance for a starter. And yes, it definitely was a great show ... :-))) ...

Another compilation featuring the first few beats of most of the songs in the setlist uploaded by JS also gives a good impression of The Sisters show. Enjoy.

2022 - cats the hunter lounge.jpg


The Sisters of Mercy with ELKO FIELDS live @The Hunter Lounge, Wellington, NZ
- a compilation from the gig on 26.10.2022


- with loads of thanks to CablesUnderground  -

The Main Set

The Sisters of Mercy live @The Hunter Lounge, Wellington, NZ
- another compilation from the gig on 26.10.2022 - many thanks for this one, too

The Encores

   Many, many thanks to the lovely contributors of the videos here.

   Check their channels, where might possibly find more great treasures.