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Wake Shot 2.0 - Overview showing cover front and back and one of the two DVDs

Another two-disc bootleg dvd-compilation of The Sisters of Mercy's video output.

The correct title is Wake Shot 2.0, but for technical reasons a dot is not possible
in Wiki-headlines. The picture on the left is from the bootlegger's website.

Release Notes

  • Label: Stellar Products
  • Catalogue#, i.e. Product Code: 3408
  • Format: 2 x DVD-r / NTSC (region-free)
  • Released: 2010


  • Comes in a double-DVD case with cover art and track listing
  • This and other videos with performances of The Sisters of Mercy
    appear regularly in various online auctions.
    Anyway, these product can be purchased directly with the bootleggers
    from their website as well. In the latter case, the standard price is $12,--
    for each while postage is free in the US.


Disc 1 is a rip of the original Wake video Disc 2 is a rip of Shot Rev 2.0 featuring the complete promo videos
Originally recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, June 1985                       for the albums Floodland and Vision Thing as well as the videos for the last
Very good quality with stereo sound officially released songs contained in The Sisters of Mercy's compilation
A Slight Case Of Overbombing - Greatest Hits Volume One.

Track Lists

Wake Shot Rev 2.0
01  First And Last And Always 01  Temple Of Love (1992)
02  Body And Soul 02  This Corrosion
03  Marian 03  Dominion/Mother Russia
04  No Time To Cry 04  Lucretia, My Reflection
05  Walk Away 05  1959
06  Possession 06  More
07  Emma 07  Doctor Jeep
08  Amphetamine Logic 08  Detonation Boulevard
09  A Rock And A Hard Place 09  Under The Gun
10  Floorshow
11  Alice
12  Fix
13  Knockin' On Heaven's Door