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Alhambra, Geneva, Switzerland

The Alhambra in Geneva, Switzerland - Entrance

Arriving from Portugal and Spain, the one and only show of The Sisters of Mercy in Switzerland

during their 2023 Tour of Europe has the band play in Geneva, a city and a venue they'd never played before.

Opening act: The Virginmarys.

The according thread @The Heartland Forums can be found here.

Band / Line-up

The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra, Geneva, 31.10.2023 - Ribbons
The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra, Geneva, 31.10.2023 - Alice
The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra, Geneva, 31.10.2023 - Marian


   - thanks to Charlie now confirmed -

   Main Set
   ● Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard

   ● Don't Drive On Ice

   ● Ribbons

   ● Alice

   ● Summer

The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra, Geneva, 31.10.2023 - Summer

   ● Dominion / Mother Russia

   ● I Will Call You

   ● Marian

   ● Eyes Of Caligula

   ● We Are The Same, Susanne

   ● More

   ● I Was Wrong

   ● Here

   ● Crash And Burn

   ● On The Beach

The Sisters of Mercy, 31.10.2023 - We Are The Same, Susanne

   ● When I'm On Fire

   The Encores
   ● Lucretia, My Reflection

   ● Temple Of Love

   ● This Corrosion

   Our thanks go to all the contributors of the videos here.

   Check their channels and you will definitely find more treasures there.

More Videos

The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra - Dominion / Mother Russia
The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra - Lucretia, My Reflection
The Sisters of Mercy @Alhambra, 31.10.2023 - This Corrosion