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LAV Club Logo.png

LAV Club - Lisboa Ao Vivo, Lisboa, Portugal

The ambulance transferring Andrew Eldritch to hospital

After a series of eight great concerts in Germany, France and Spain with their new guitarist Kai , The Sisters of Mercy and their support band The Virginmarys arrived in Lisbon for the first of two shows in Portugal.

The Sisters performance, however, was cancelled after The Virginmarys had opened the show and the audience had been waiting for about an hour for the band to appear on stage. A speaker then announced (in Portuguese) that Andrew Eldritch was not feeling well and was brought to hospital. No further details are known as yet. For upcoming news and information about refunds, a new date or the further continuation of the tour, please check this thread @the Heartland Forums and keep an eye on The Sisters of Mercy's Live News Page. We're all hoping and wishing for the very best and of course send the full amount of healing vibes to Andrew Eldritch with our best wishes for a recreating rest as long as necessary and a thorough recovery as soon as possible.

Band / Line-up

The Setlist as it was planned

- many thanks for the picture to goncalobmartins -

The envisaged setlist (most likely the one of Kai)

Main Set

The Encores