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Concert Announcement for The Sisters of Mercy's Show @Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland, 23rd November 2023

Barrowland, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This concert was the glorious finale of 39-gig tour throughout Europe in Autumn 2023, which was marked by so many unforeseen pleasant and unpleasent events as never a Sisters Tour before ...

Initially, the present show was scheduled for SWG3 Galvanizers one day earlier but sold out extremely fast and got moved to the Barrowlands, a place The Sisters had played twice already during their ten visits to before. Soon after the move, the Barrowlands was sold out as well.

Opening act were The Virginmarys.

Read all the reviews and check for links to photos and everything in this thread @The Heartland Forums.

Band / Line-up

   ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals

   ●  Ben Christo - guitars, backing vocals

   ●  Kai  of Esprit D'Air  - guitars

   ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards

   ●  Chris Catalyst - nurse to The Doktor

The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands, Glasgow - Alice


- not yet confirmed -

Main Set

The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands, Glasgow - Here
The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands - Dominion / Mother Russia

The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands - Lucretia, My Reflection

    The Encores
   ●  Lucretia, My Reflection

   ●  This Corrosion

    Our thanks go to all the contributors

    of the wonderful videos here.

    Check their channels and you might find more treasures there.

Further Videos

The Sisters @Barrowlands - Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands, Glasgow - Marian
The Sisters @Barrowlands - More
The Sisters @Barrowlands - When I'm On Fire
The Sisters @Barrowlands - Temple Of Love
The Sisters of Mercy @Barrowlands, Glasgow - This Corrosion