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Venue Logo
Initial Announcement

Festiva Resto Bar, Lima, Peru

During their Summer 2016 Tour and after a private concert the night before at Discoteca Nebula in Miraflores,

The Sisters of Mercy played a powerful gig at Lima's Festiva Resto Bar.

Initially, the concert had been for booked for Discoteca Centrica before it was moved to Festiva Bar.

Therefore, many tickets - which, of course, remained valid - give the formerly intended venue as the place of event.

For upcoming reviews, pictures, links and more, please, check the according thread @The Heartland Forums.

Band / Line-up
Ticket stub giving the initial venue

The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - Jihad


The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - This Corrosion
The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - Impressions from each track

First Encore

Second Encore

Our thanks go to the kind contributors of these wonderful videos here.

Check their channels and you might find more great treasures...

More videos featuring individual songs or longer excerpts from the gig

The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - More
The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - Amphetamine Logic
The Sisters of Mercy @Festiva Bar Lima - Alice
Dominion/Mother Russia @Festiva, 22/09/2016
Vision Thing @Festiva, 22/09/2016
First And Last And Always @Festiva, 22/09/2016