Thu, 07-May-1981

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The first band logo as on the 1980 single

07 May 1981, University of York, York, England

The sixth known gig ever for The Sisters of Mercy ... now with a second guitarist... for a while.


Allegedly, the performance was recorded and can be found on many Live Bootlegs

like GOOD THINGS Plus 2 live songs, Monochrome, Brimstone & Treacle and Halloween's Day.

As a matter of fact, it is more likely though, that part of the tracks on all the above mentioned bootlegs

were taken from The Sisters' demo tape spread by the band for promotional purposes ...


- order not confirmed and possibly incomplete -

  1. The Damage Done
  2. Watch
  3. Good Things
  4. Adrenochrome
  5. 1969 - cover origignal by The Stooges
  6. Sister Ray - cover origignal by The Velvet Underground

GOOD THINGS PLUS 2 live songs
Brimstone & Treacle
Halloween's Day

The LIFE Book - no good source when it comes to correct setlists


The Sisters of Mercy: LIFE book + 7" (or CD-single), published by Stampa Alternativa (Rome) around 1988

gives a different setlist which has often been quoted also on bootlegs. Unfortunately, that setlist has proved WRONG !!!.

It adds various tracks to the list that were NOT played on the day presented here. At the same time 1969 is omitted.

Where these tracks appear on bootlegs - and with a wrong reference to May 7th, 1983 - they are rather taken from

The Sisters' Demo Tape. We detail the wrong setlist here only in order to eventually end all rumours provided otherwise!

  1. The Damage Done
  2. Watch
  3. Teachers
  4. Adrenochrome
  5. Sister Ray