Sun, 18-Jul-1999

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Ticket remains                                                                                                    * thanks for this to dtsom

Festival Rock Ilha Do Ermal, Vieira Do Minho, Portugal

A three-day festival and the only European gig during that year,

before The Sisters of Mercy went to their Sisters To The Planet Edge Tour ...

Headliners: Iggy Pop, Moonspell, The Sisters Of Mercy

As a matter of fact, The Sisters gig started early in the morning at 0:30 am

local time on 19th July and lasted 1:50 hours. Maybe therefore, it became

one of the few concerts with three encores.

Some reviews are available at Sisters Tours/1999/07/18.

An audience recording of this concert is in circulation among the fanbase.

Musician's Access Pass



Signed setlist from the gig

First Encore

Second Encore

Third Encore