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CD Cover Front
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This is another bootleg of the SSV album Go Figure and just like on the Feel No Pain Picture Disc the order of tracks is not identical with the original.

Release Notes

  • Label / Catalogue#: SOMUA 97
  • Format: CD
  • Year of Release: 1997 (UK)

Screw Shareholder Value - Disc

The original album Go Figure was never officially released though it has been made available to anyone interested along channels along the internet for years, which might also have led to the appearance of the present bootleg and the aove mentioned vinyl picture disc ...

A very interesting read about the intended original album release, the according bootlegs and their sound quality can be found in the HEAVYLEATHERBLOG's bootleg section under $crew $hareholder ¥alue : “Go Figure”. Also spread around the internet - though ever less during the past ten years - have been quotes like this from yet another untraceable original source...

"In order to escape his contract with WEA/East West records for two remaining Sisters albums Andrew Eldritch reputedly spent an afternoon mumbling into a microphone to record what he calls an album that "bears no resemblance to any quality product, let alone the Sisters". For a total of two days work over "reject material of some amateur acquaintances" we have an album of "rather bad sub-techno" that dwells almost exclusively on the glorification of shooting people and selling drugs to schoolchildren."

Anyway, we recommend you look here at The Sisters of Mercy's Official Site and see what they've had to say about SSV and those tedious circumstances decades ago ...

SSV - Screw Sharehoder Value - Still video

Track List

  1. Nice
  2. Shut The Fuck Up
  3. Two In The Nose
  4. Bad Vultee
  5. Gone
  6. Drugsar
  7. High School
  8. Feel No Pain
  9. Go Figure
  10. Knife, Paper, Stone And Guns