Sat, 08-Aug-1998

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Eurorock Neerpelt - Poster

Eurorock Festival, Neerpelt, Belgium

Part of the Summer Festival Gigs in 1998

For reviews and various additional interesting info,

please see SistersTours/1998/08/08...

According to Sisters Tours, the other performers on that day included Anne Clark,

The Bollock Brothers, Bjorn, Struggler, Red Zebra, Star Industry, Erato, Supergum

plus some "unknown local bands" playing in passing zone.

Audience recordings from this concert are in circulation among the fanbase.
Superrock is one such recording but does not include the complete concert.

Tour Logo Summer 1998

Band / Line-up

  Our thanks go to the lovely contributor of the wonderful video here.
   Check their channel and you might find more wonderful treasures.


  • Intro
The Sisters of Mercy, Eurorock Festival, Belgium, 08.08.1998 - Full Concert

Backstage Pass Eurorock 1998

First Encore


Second Encore

Final Encore

- Capricorn
- Walkin' The Dog
- Louie Louie
- Killed By Death
and Lucretia, My Reflection