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An audience recording from the first of two concerts in The Netherlands during The Sisters of Mercy's Tour of Europe 2023. This was also the first show on the continent of this tour. The Sisters of Mercy had to play as a three-piece without their second guitarist Dylan Smith who had left the stage at the opening gig in London and did not return. Nonetheless, a great show with great sound.

NEON PARADISO 2023 - CD Cover (front)
NEON PARADISO 2023 - CD Cover (inlay)

Recording Notes

  • Taper: C.E.
  • Position: 2nd row (near right PA)
  • Format: data (FLACs 16/44) or CD-r
  • Equipment:
SP-CMC-8 hc --> SP-SPSB-11 [no roll off] --> Sony A10
  • Lineage:
--> WAV (24/48) --> Audacity (slight compression)
--> CD WAVE (tracking) --> FLACs (16/44)
  • Circulated: December 2023


in The Netherlands on 26 September 2023


  • Very good sound.
    NEON PARADISO 2023 - CD Cover (tray)
  • This is a corporate fanbase production.
  • There are three versions of the front cover available, just scroll and
click into the individual images for larger views at your choice.
  • An IEM-feed recording from this show exists as well,
see Amsterdam Paradiso 26 September 2023.


Track List

  • Intro
NEON PARADISO 2023 - CD Cover (back)
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