Live At Big Club 1985

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Live At Big Club 1985 - Cover (front)

A bootleg, or a variety of bootlegs, rather, which have surfaced as late as around 2010.

Release Notes

  • Label: none - Greek produce
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP / CD / both also as boxes
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Released: successively since 2009 (Greece)


  • A recording of this concert has been in circulation among the fanbase for decades
    before this bootleg has surfaced in all its varieties.


  • The vinyls as well as the CD were released in various versions.
  • There are so far five different vinyl issues and two CD versions.
  • All of these are limited editions.

Vinyl Versions

Three standard vinyl versions exist, which differ only in their colour settings. All of these are part of a "limited edition" of 200 copies in total.

  • The covers of all issues show basically the same cover art.
  • The first variety comes with grey-blue, grey-black, i.e. mostly grey vinyl. It was released in 2009 and is numbered from 1 - 100.
  • The second range consists of red vinyls. These were released in 2010 and are numbered from 101 - 150.

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Live At Big Club - Grey-blue vinyl (Side B)
Live At Big Club - Red vinyl (Side A)
Live At Big Club - Cover (back) of grey and red versions
  • The third issue has bi-coloured vinyls. It was released in 2011 and is numbered from 151 - 200.
    This sort of vinyl was, however, also used for the wooden box set, see down below.
  • The labels are the same for all vinyl versions and show some low-contrast b/w graphic.
  • All versions are hand-numbered on the back cover indicating the amount of available copies.
  • The colours of the back covers vary depending on the vinyl colour but show all the same artwork.

Live At Big Club - Bi-coloured vinyl (Side A)
Live At Big Club - Bi-coloured vinyl (Side B)
Live At Big Club - Cover (back) of bi-coloured vinyls

Live At Big Club 1985 - Wooden box set (contents)
Wooden Box (upper side)

The Wooden Box Set was released in 2010.

Of course, this is a limited edition as well - 30 copies.

  • The box set contains
    - 1 LP (bi-coloured vinyl)
    - 1 T-Shirt (Size XL)
    - 1 pin
    - 1 lighter
    - 1 mousepad
    - 1 certificate of authenticity

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Wooden Box (bottom side)
Wooden Box - T-Shirt

  • A limited edition of 100 Picture Discs launched in 2011 has been the last release so far.
  • The picture discs have the artwork of the usual covers on their respective sides.
  • The number of the respective copy and the number of available copies are printed on the vinyl.
  • Some testpressings have also surfaced in online auctions.
    The testpressings for the common vinyl edition are limited to 5 black vinyls with plain white labels. There is no numbering, whatsoever, on the discs or the covers.
    Testpressings for the Picture Disc have no labels and the vinyls are plain white and prepared to take the actual picture.

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Live At Big Club - Picture Disc (Side A)
Live At Big Club - Picture Disc (Side B)
Picture Disc (Testpressing)
Live At Big Club - Testpressing

Track List

(according to vinyl)

Side A Side B
A1   First And Last And Always                                           B1   Amphetamine Logic
A2   Body And Soul B2   A Rock And A Hard Place
A3   Marian B3   Floorshow
A4   No Time To Cry B4   Alice
A5   Possession B5   Gimme Shelter
A6   Walk Away B6   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
A7   Emma B7   Train

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CD Versions

Standard CD Version

  • The regular CD was released in 2011.
  • It is a limited edition of 150 copies .
  • The CD comes in a normal jewel case.

A5 CD Box

  • Before the standard CD version, an A5 CD box had surfaced already in 2010.
  • This edition was limited to 50 copies and was titled only Live At Big Club
    missing the "1985" of all the other releases.
  • The disc is stored in an A5 CD Box.

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Live At Big Club - CD Cover (front)
Live At Big Club - CD Cover (back)
Live At Big Club - Disc
Live At Big Club - Standard CD (overview)
Live At Big Club - A5 CD Box (front)
Live At Big Club - A5 CD Box (back)