Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83

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Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83
- Trading Cassette (front)
Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83
- Trading Cassette (front)

Release Notes
Various trading cassettes featuring an audience recording from

The Sisters performance at Warehouse, Leeds on 20 January 1983

have surfaced over the years. Some, but not all of them, give

a complete recording of the gig

  • Taper: - unknown -
  • Format: cassette tape
Nowadays, such recordings are mostly spread in data formats
There have, however, also been CD-rs seen sold in online auctions.
  • Duration: - unknown -


  • This audience recording is the only one known to exist.

Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - More Recent Trading Cassette


  • Sound Quality: very good to excellent
  • The coverart was done by the according traders.
  • The photo used for the one here on the right side is not from the gig,
but clearly from the time around this concert.
  • More or less often, cassettes featuring this concert
would have a second gig on the other side of the tape.
  • An incomplete recording from this concert was also reproduced
on the vinyl bootleg Aporetical Poetry

Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - Insert and Tape (C90) - Side A

Track List

Any further information on this or other recordings of The Sisters of Mercy's performance at Leeds Warehouse an January 20th, 1983 is very welcome.

Additional Pictures

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Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - Tape Insert (complete)
Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - Tape (here: C90)
Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - Tape Insert (complete)
Leeds Warehouse 20-01-83 - Tape (here: C60)