Aporetical Poetry

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Aporetical Poetry - Cover (front)
Aporetical Poetry - Inside (detail)

A live-bootleg which has long been hoarded and remained undetected... this extraordinary issue appeared on eBay in August 2011 for the first time.

Release Notes

  • Label: Dharma Records
  • Catalogue#: Promo 96
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Time of Release: between 1986-1988
  • Place of Release: Germany


  • Very good sound quality, stereo recording
  • A limited edition of 23 of which only the last five exist.
    The current locations of these five are (2012):
    Germany (1), The Netherlands (1), Belgium (1), Italy (1) and Greece (1)
  • A second edition on black vinyl has also been released.
    There is, however, not much known about this release at the moment.
  • Clear vinyl without any label

Cover Information

  • Fold-out cover with a spine and three cartons attached to it
  • The cover inside shows on the left hand side the track list and on the right a picture taken from the horror movie
    Tanz der Totenköpfe (1973) - original English title: The Legend of Hell House ...
  • So far, nothing is known about the origin of the picture on the cover front ...
  • The inside picture is printed on matt silver paper reminding of a silverscreen
  • The last song on Side A (Anaconda) is missing on the track list and does not appear in the order in which it was played.


Track List

Aporetical Poetry - Inside left (Track List)
Aporetical Poetry - Inside right (Picture)

Side A

Side B

Eldritch Quotes from during the gig

  • Watch is introduced with: "Another one ... Watch ..."
  • Anaconda´s intro: "This is going to be our next single ... Anaconda... "
  • Valentine similar: "A new one ..." and ends "...thank you, we just tune up a bit"
  • 1969 starts with some repetitive, aggressive shouts of: "Kiss, Shoot..."
  • Remark before Damage Done: "This is our first ... damage... "
    while saying "first", Andrew Eldritch slightly bursts into a laughter.

Additional Pictures

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Aporetical Poetry - Inside (complete)
Aporetical Poetry - Cover (spine with hand-numbering)
Aporetical Poetry - Clear Vinyl without any label

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