Leeds Warehouse 20 January 1983 (complete)

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An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at The Warehouse Club in Leeds on 20 January 1983.

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Label: - none -

All existing recordings from the 1980s are in circulation among the fanbase...

  • Format: CD-r (most likely a MP3 rip of an old cassette or of fanbase-circulated FLAC files)
  • This recording - like any other audience recording from the fanbase - was never intented to go on sale.
  • Artwork included to sales offers as such are done by the accordings sellers or partly even taken from this very wiki
or from other (openly accessible) pages @The Heartland Forums and from (not so openly accessible) pages @social media groups.

Recent funny sale CD-r of this recording on eBay

Track List

 1.   Kiss The Carpet
 2.   Floorshow
 3.   Watch
 4.   Adrenochrome
 5.   Alice
 6.   Valentine
 7.   Anaconda
 8.   Body Electric
 9.   1969
10.   Lights
11.   Sister Ray
12.   The Damage Done