Go Figure (album)

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Go Figure

Typical SSV promo cassette
Presumed SSV Album Artwork for Go Figure LP and CD

Go Figure is the name of the SSV album, and the title under which this album was to be released.

However, an official release has never come into real, although promotional copies of various formats or cassettes like this one and some according bootlegs like Feel No Pain Picture LP, a vinyl picture disc and the Screw Shareholder Value CD bootleg did, after all, spread the produce around the world.

A very interesting and recommendable read about the intended original album release, including a 3-track EastWest promo-CD, the according bootlegs and their sound quality as well as some further pictures and information can be found at the wonderful HEAVYLEATHERBLOG's bootleg section under $crew $hareholder ¥alue : “Go Figure”.

Anyway, you might also want to read here, what The Sisters of Mercy's Official Site had to say about SSV, the Go Figure album and all the tedious circumstances around it some decades ago ...

As for the track list, the original artwork from the promo cassette (see left) suggests it as follows:

typical promo cassette cover
Go Figure - Announcement from Warner Music France

  1. Nice   6:16
  2. Knife, Paper, Stone And Guns                            8:11
  3. Two In The Nose   6:03
  4. Bad Vultee   4:58
  5. Gone   6:58
  6. Drugsar   9:31

  7. High School   8:20
  8. Feel No Pain   6:33
  9. Go Figure 11:13
10. Shut The Fuck Up                                              6:16

For an impression of how this release would sound, please check this still video

to the uploader of which we are most thankful.


Some say, that out of all these songs, High School fares the best, as the drums in all other songs were

cut out at the last minute. Most Sisters fans would not recommend buying this album,

although since it features Eldritch, many do listen to it, and some even like it perfectly.

As far as techno without drums goes, it's not a bad album, although the Sisters themselves recommend

you download the tracks rather than paying for a copy from eBay or another source.

It's said that WEA have remixed two of theses tracks. Though they have not surfaced yet,

this rumour might refer to the 3-track promo CD mentioned here under $crew $hareholder ¥alue : “Go Figure”.