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First And Last And Always @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016

Tom Brasil Logo.png

TOM Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brasil

After several great gigs in Spain and Portugal and an overwhelming

show at Circo Volador in Mexico City, The Sisters of Mercy

continued their Summer 2016 Tour with three gigs in Brasil.

Tom Brasil (formerly HSBC) in Sao Paulo was the first of them.

Please, check the according thread @The Heartland Forums for reviews and reports as they come in.

The Sisters of Mercy - Alice @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016

Band / Line-up

Announcement Sao Paulo 2016


Something Fast and Lucretia, My Reflection

First Encore

Second Encore

Our thanks go to the kind contributors of these wonderful videos here.

Check their channels and you might find more great treasures...

A few more videos

The Sisters of Mercy - More @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016
The Sisters of Mercy - Crash And Burn - 16/09/2016
Marian @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016
The Sisters of Mercy - Valentine @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016
Vision Thing @Tom Brasil, 16/09/2016
First And Last And Always and Temple Of Love