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Moto Clube Faro - 40th International Biker Rally, Vale das Almas, Faro, Algarve, Portugal

2022 Faro.jpg

From Vision Thing times on, The Sisters of Mercy have regularly played Portuguese halls and festival miles, most recently, before the corona surge, the EDP Vilar De Mouros Festival of 2019. In Summer 2022, they got invited to play at the 40th Anniversary of the Moto Clube Faro's annual motor show and bikers meeting on the Agarve in Portugal.

The Sisters' slot was scheduled for midnight on the second day of the festivities and as the following act Obús started only at 2am, they had enough time to play a full set.
Here's the link to the event at Moto Club Faro.

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Running Order for 15 July 2022


Cutting from the setlist @ Moto Clube Faro as sent to ruffers by Ben


- with many thanks to ruffers and Ben -

The Sisters of Mercy - Don't Drive On Ice live @Moto Clube Faro 2022
The Sisters of Mercy - More and Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
live @Moto Clube Faro 2022

Our thanks go also to the lovely contributor of the videos here.

Check their channels, where you will definitely find more interesting stuff.