Enter The Sisters (A Black October)

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Enter The Sisters (A Black October) - CD cover (front)
Enter The Sisters (A Black October) - UK CD cover (back)

The detailed origin and sources of this bootleg are questionable. Turhe French version turned up from 2009 on in several online auctions, see: sistersbootlegs/Enter The Sisters.

It does, however, exist in two versions - a UK release and a French one. Judging by the whole appearance, the UK release seems to be the original one, bootlegged later in France.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
    Enter The Sisters (A Black October) - French CD cover (back)
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1990 (UK) / Date of French release unknown


  • Total Running Time: 59:23 min. (is noted on the back cover of the French CD)
  • For Promotional Use Only - Not For Sale
  • The front cover of both versions looks identical, and so do the actual discs.
  • The French Release notes on the cover back: "Limited Edition of 500 Copies"
and "Made In France"
  • The UK version notes "Limited Edition" without naming an actual number,
and "Made In England" on the back cover

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Enter The Sisters - French Promo CD bootleg (disc)
Enter The Sisters - UK Promo CD bootleg (disc)
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