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Don Juan - First Edition Green Cover (front)

A studio bootleg from the mid-80ies including the four songs performed at the Kid Jensen Show.

These songs were first broadcast on 10 March, 1983 and repeated on April 11th.

The rest of the songs are official recordings from the early years.

Release Notes

  • Label: SOM
  • Catalogue#: - unknown -
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1986


  • The content is identical to record one of the 2LP bootleg Kings And Queen.
A detail of this drawing is shown on one of the labels as well, while the other label has a Merciful Release sort of logo,
gives the name of the band and details the tracks on both sides of the record.
  • Backcover note: "PREVIOUSLY UNREALEASED STUDIO OUTTAKES FROM 1984" (Which is obviously not true.)

Don Juan - Second Edition White Cover (front)


  • Side A, stamped: SOM A
  • Side B, stamped: SOM B

This bootleg comes in several editions, all on black vinyl:

  • On the cover front of first edition the cover art is toned in green.
Remarkably, this edition does exist in two versions
- one with the text and the backcover printed in brown, and the other one with black print.
  • The cover of the second edition has the same cover art in full b/w.
  • An explicit promotion copy with an according print does exist as well and is also in b/w.
  • In addition, a proof version with white labls has surfaced.

Don Juan - First Edition Cover (back) in brown
Don Juan - Black Cover (back)


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Don Juan or popsike/donjuan

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   Jolene B1   1969
A2   Heartland                                                              B2   Anaconda
A3   Burn B3   Phantom
A4   Valentine B4  Valentine
A5   Alice B5   Fix
A6   Floorshow B6   Kiss The Carpet
A7   Phantom

Additional Pictures

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Don Juan - Label (Side A)
Don Juan - Label (Side B

Promo Copy and Second Edition

Don Juan - b/w Promo Copy Cover (front)
Don Juan - Second Edition (white label)
Don Juan - Black vinyl, white label

Cover Test Proof

Don Juan - Cover Proof (front)
Don Juan - Cover Proof (front) with Vinyl (Side A)
Don Juan - Cover Proof (back) with Vinyl (Side B)