The Damage Done (test pressing)

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Interview with Gary Marx on the Damage Done test pressings

Together with the acetate and according to the invoice, a number of two
test pressings of the Damage Done single were handed to customer Gary Marx.

Years later, he would sell them off as mentioned in the interview here:

"... I decided to wash that guy right out of my back-combed hair and get rid of
everything that reminded me of the band... I flogged white labels, recordings
with studio outtakes ... I just wanted to start over and not get wrapped up
in my own mythology."

Production Notes

  • Catalogue/Matrix#: MR 7
  • Format: 7" vinyl single (test pressings)
  • Issued: 19 September 1980 (UK)


  • The production lot consisted of:
2 x 14/7" 45 Stereo Masters and 1 x 7" d/s 45 Stereo Acetate.
  • The test pressings came with plain light pink labels.
The respective (main) track title is handwritten on them with a red marker.


  • Some alleged test pressings with plain white labels have also surfaced, their origin, however, is unclear.

Track List

Side A     -   The Damage Done                   Side B     -  Watch
         -  Home Of The Hit-Men

Note: Home Of The Hit-Men is not mentioned, neither on the invoice nor on the labels.

Additional Pictures

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The Porky Prime Cuts Invoice
- receipt confirmed by Gary Marx
The Damage Done - Test Pressing
- Side A in sleeve with invoice
The Damage Done - Test Pressing
- Side A with invoice
The Damage Done - Test Pressing
- Side AA in sleeve with invoice