The Damage Done (acetate)

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The Damage Done - Acetate in sleeve (Side A)

The one and only acetate for The Sisters of Mercy's very first single The Damage Done.

It was dearly kept by Gary Marx until ...

"I actually had the acetate up until I left the Sisters on a less-than-friendly note in 1985.
I decided to wash that guy right out of my back-combed hair and get rid of everything
that reminded me of the band."

"I flogged white labels, recordings with studio outtakes and the treasured acetate
(for which I received the whopping sum of £30). I think I may even have included the receipt
from Porky Prime Cuts in with it, as provenance. The Sisters were already well established
and it was worth a lot more even then, but I just wanted to start over and not get wrapped up
in my own mythology."

All the pictures on this page are only meant to give an impression
and are therefore slightly modified in order to avoid reproductions and fakes ...

The Invoice signed by Gary Marx

Production Notes

  • Catalogue/Matrix#: MR 7
  • Format: double-sided 7" lacquer cut (acetate)
  • Issued: 19 September 1980


  • The production lot consisted of 2 x 14/7" 45 Stereo Masters and 1 x 7" d/s 45 Stereo Acetate.
  • Invoice No: CS 0573 / Log No: 002568 SDR
  • The total amount of £ 66.70 was paid cash by Gary Marx
  • The labels are generic Portland Studio labels giving the address and their standard copyright notes
and have the bandname (omitting the definite article), the title of the (main) track and the track time
of the respective side handwritten on them with a red marker.

Track List

Side A   -   The Damage Done          Side B   -  Watch
       -  Home Of The Hit-Men

Note: Home Of The Hit-Men is not mentioned, neither on the invoice nor on the labels.

Additional Pictures

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The Damage Done - the Acetate (Side A)
The Damage Done - the Acetate (Side AA)
The Damage Done - the Acetate (Label Side A)
The Damage Done - the Acetate (Label Side AA)