The Damage Done (Greek PD)

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The Damage Done - Watch - Greek picture disc (overview front)
The Damage Done - Watch - Greek picture disc (back)

After the Australian bootleg reissue of the original The Damage Done single had appeared in 2009,

it was followed by a coloured picture disc from Greece, which surfaced in online auctions in 2014.

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 2014


  • This picture disc bootleg is a limited edition of 88 copies,
one of the less common Greek bootlegs that are limited to that funny number.
  • The front of both, the picture disc and the cover, are tinted in lilac colour.
  • The cover front has the same picture on it as the original single but comes
with a large hole in the centre so as to show the picture continue on the disc.
There is also a white print on top saying "Limited Picture Disc".
  • The whole thing is delivered in a plastic sleeve to shelter it from dust.
  • Apart from the fact that the picture is all toned in lilac,
the cross on top of the church is not visible on the cover.

  • The song titles and the band name are printed in white (as usual), while the Merciful Release logo
and label name as well as the alleged year of release are printed in mauve or lilac.
  • On the right side of the back cover at one level with the release year info, the number of copies available
is printed also in lilac leaving a space for the hand-numbering of the respective copy as such:   / 88
  • Side 2 of the picture disc shows a large Merciful Release logo in lilac on a very light mauve background
and gives the song titles, the band name and the Merciful Release information in black print.
Only the year of release is also printed in lilac.
  • There is no numbering on the disc.

Track List

Side A  -  The Damage Done                       Side B  -  Watch


  • The source of the recordings that were used for this bootleg is not known, but the tracks will most likely
either be ripped from the original single or from the Primary bootleg, (which also leaves out Home Of The Hit-Men).

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/damagedonepicture..

Additional Pictures

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The Damage Done - Watch - Greek Picture Disc - Overview (front)
The Damage Done - Watch - Greek Picture Disc
- View of the cover back and the b-side of the picture disc