The Damage Done (Australian 2009 re-issue)

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A bootleg re-issue of the original The Damage Done 7" single first sold from the UK in 2009

and soon after in the same year manufactured and distributed by some Australian bootleggers as part of a three-record set consisting of the first three singles.

The Damage Done
- UK Bootleg Reissue 2009 (front)
The Damage Done
- Australian Bootleg Reissue 2009 (front)
The Damage Done
- UK Bootleg Reissue 2009 (back)
The Damage Done
- Australian Bootleg Reissue 2009 (back)

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Catalogue#: MR 7 (imitating the original)
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 2009 (Australia)


The set was limited to 1,000 copies and offered the first three singles pressed on coloured vinyl.
Some months before the release of the three-singles-set, the present Damage Done record was, however, sold already as an individual "re-release" from the UK.
The covers of the UK issue and the Australian set-release differ slightly in tone (and print quality), so maybe the UK-release was a test charge to see how a re-issue
as such would sell. Meanwhile, ever more individual copies surface at prices often higher than the initial price for the whole set.
  • The records run at 45 rpm and come in a glossy sleeve that opens to the side.
  • The covers imitate the original Merciful Release but in a way lower print quality and give the acutal bootleg-release year "2009" beneath the logo.
  • The cover back and the label on the A-side show an imitation of the head and star logo in its early stage - as on the original.
And, the label on side B of the vinyl is also a mere copy from the The Damage Done (single).
Australian 2009 The Three First Singles Bootleg Reissue Set

  • Run-outs:
Side A: MR 7 A
Side B: MR 7 B 2

Track List

Side A Side B
The Damage Done                             B1  Watch
  B2  Home Of The Hit-Men

Additional Pictures

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Label Side A UK reissue
Label Side A Australian Reissue
Label Side B UK reissue
Label Side B Australian Reissue
UK Reissue Vinýl Side A UK reissue
Australian Reissue Vinýl Side A
UK Reissue Vinýl Side B UK reissue
Australian Reissue Vinýl Side B