Silence Is Platinum

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Silence Is Platinum - Box (front)

A limited edition box set with 2 x 7" vinyls from the late 1980ies.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: PG-01
  • Format: 2 x 7" vinyl single (box set)
  • Released: 1987 / 1989

Basic Remarks

  • Soundboard recording, very good sound quality, though the pitch is a little too low.
Click the sound files further down below to check.
  • The set exists in at least two editions.
  • The first edition comes in a black box with a Hessian type appearance.
  • The second set has a red gatefold cover and is limited to 40 copies.


and Amphetamine Logic are missing
  • The same selection of songs of this gig can be found on the Floorshow LP bootleg.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Silence Is Platinum or popsike/silenceisplatinum or, alternatively, here at CollectorsFrenzy/Silence_is_platinum.

The Various Editions

Original Box Set

  • A limited edition of 1000 sets in a black box issued in 1987.
Silence Is Platinum - Overview of Content of the Black Box
  • The box set comes in a black textured box with an embossed Merciful Release logo
    and the Silence Is Platinum title in silver foil print on the front.
  • On the back side the boxes are plain black.
  • The sets contain two 7" vinyls, one of which is clear white,
    the other blueish or greyish or dark green / olive marbled.
  • Issues with one white and one black vinyl are also said to exist.
  • The vinyls have black labels with Merciful Release logo and detail the tracks on each side.
  • Each record is housed in a white centre cut window sleeve with no printing.

Further contents are:

  • A heavy black inlay card with the same image as on the box front in white print on black ground.
    The reverse is printed in white on black giving the track list, comprehensive details on the release,
    a list of contents and the numbering stamp.
  • A copy of the concert poster showing a picture of three sculls in black print on glossy
    white paper. Size: 44cm x 32cm. The poster also has the limited number stamped on it.
  • A two-page review of the concert from Midnight Magazine including further details
    about the American leg of the 1985 Armageddon Tour

Silence Is Platinum - Overview of Content of the Red Edition

Red Gatefold Release

  • Two years after the original - in 1989 - a further release of 40 hand-numbered copies was issued.
  • These additional copies come in a glossy red gatefold sleeve with the same cover art as the box set.
    Only the print is black on red (dark orange) here.
  • They were done on the occasion of a record fair event - The Sisters of Mercy Convention,
    which took place on 19 March 1989 at the Astoria on Roundhay Road in Leeds.
Red Gatefold Cover with numbering space
  • Initially, these issues were sold only there and
    count among the rarest Sisters bootlegs to find.
  • The actual reason behind the limited red gatefold
    edition was that some of the black boxes were
    damaged and too expensive to remake. So the
    number of availble boxes did not cover the vinyls
    that had been pressed.
  • Apart from the cover, the contents of this release
    are identical with the original box set.
  • The numberings are, all handwritten, though, and
    do partly also give 19-3-89 as the date of release.
    In addition, the cover has a white numbering space
    printed at the side, in which the number is written.

Further Releases

  • Proof-sleeve and unnumbered promo copies do exist as well.
Here is at least a picture of a red gatefold test cover.
Obviously, there is no numbering space on this test print.
Red Gatefold Cover (back)
  • Rumours of fake copies of especially the black box-set prevail.

Track List

Record 1
A1   Rock And A Hard Place                       B1   Gimme Shelter
A2   Floorshow

Record 2
C1   Alice D1   Marian
C2   Body And Soul                       D2   No Time To Cry

Additional Pictures

- Please click into the files for larger´views -

Box Contents - Part 1
Box Contents - Part 2
Silence Is Platinum - Stamp-numbered Insert Card (back)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Record 1 (Side A)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Record 1 (Side B)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Review (inside)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Record 2 (Side C)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Record 2 (Side D)
Silence Is Platinum - Box Announcement
Silence Is Platinum - Box Overview with Inlay Card
Silence Is Platinum - Box Open With Inlay Card (back)

Sound Files

Recording from the Silence is Platinum 7"                                              Recording with a camara directly at the concert
Good quality, but the pitch is a little bit too low Bad quality, but this seems to be the correct pitch