Saints And Martyrs

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A studio bootleg with rare and early demos and mixes from unto to 1986.

This bootleg exists in basically two editions from two different labels, both of which were apparently released at the same time.

Saints And Martyrs
- Ghostrider Records Edition Cover (front)
Saints And Martyrs - Cover (front)
- First Issue of the Brotherhood Edition
Saints And Martyrs - Cover (front)
- Second and Third Issue of the Brotherhood Edition

Release Notes

 ●  Label: ‎Ghostrider Records                          ●  Label: ‎The Brotherhood
 ●  Catalogue#: - none -  ●  Catalogue#: - none -
 ●  Format: 12" vinyl LP  ●  Format: 12" vinyl LP
 ●  Released: 1989  ●  Released: 1989

Saints And Martyrs - The Brotherhood Edition -
The obvious saddening quality of the die-cut sleeve

The Brotherhood Editon
Some acetate of this edtion is known to exist, without any further information available, though.

Beyond that, there are three different issues. The sleeve notes of these three issues are identical:

  • Front sleeve note:
Take My Hand And Lead Me To The Garden Of Delight
  • Back sleeve notes:
Produced by the Shaman For 33° Productions
Realised by the Brotherhood
A Merciless Release

  • The first issue comes in a b/w cover consisting of a plain white die-cut sleeve
with b/w DIN-A 4 copy sheets glued to it on both sides. The cover front shows a b/w print
of a churchyard, while the back cover lists the details of the release
Black vinyl with light-pink labels
  • The second issue has the same layout as the first one, apart from the fact that
some darkpink DIN-A 4 copy sheets are glued to both sides of the plain white sleeve.
Black vinyl with light-pink labels
  • The third issue is almost identical to the second one, but comes with blue vinyl.
This issue is the rarest. No picture of the blue vinyl could so far be traced.
Possibly, those vinyls were initially delivered with the Ghostrider edition.

Saints And Martyrs - Ghostrider Edition - Cover (back)

Ghostrider Edition

  • This edition differs widely from The Brotherhood one,
except for the similarly antique font used on the back cover.
  • The edition is strictly limited to 225 copies
with numbering on the back cover.
  • The cover front is black and shows a large head and star logo in white print
with the title of the bootleg written across it in the place where usually
"Merciful Release" would appear.
  • The cover back is white and shows a similar layout in the same antique font
as the Brotherhood edition, giving details about the tracks, the sources and
the release, as well as a Walk Away / Black October logo and the numbering
Your number ---" printed in black.
  • The vinyl is ultramarine blue
and comes with red and white labels indicating a full size A/B, resp.

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Track List

Side A

Saints And Martyrs - Brotherhood Edition - Cover (back)
Track Source indicated as
A1   Red Skies Disappear                                               First & Last & Always with Marian lyrics
A2   Good Things Demo
A3   Garden Of Delight Vocals – Andrew Eldritch
A4   Marian Instrumental Version
A5   Body Electric Alternative Mix

Side B

B1   Dance On Glass Demo
B2   Burn Alternate Mix
B3   A Rock And A Hard Place Alternate Mix
B4   Dominion / Mother Russia                                        Early Demo
B5   Where Spirits Fly Spirits, Hamburg Soundcheck 5-84

Additional Pictures

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Brotherhood Editions

These two pictures are available here and here
Brotherhood Edition - 2nd Issue - Cover (front) with Vinyl (Side A)
Brotherhood Edition 2nd Issue - Cover (back) with Vinyl (Side B)

Ghostrider Edition

Saints And Martyrs - Ghostrider Edition - Cover (front) with Vinyl (Side A)
Saints And Martyrs - Ghostrider Edition- Label Side A
Saints And Martyrs - Ghostrider Edition - Cover (back) with Vinyl (Side B)
Saints And Martyrs - Ghostrider Edition - Label Side A