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PoSSeSSion - CD cover (front)

Another bootleg CD from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL on 28th August 1983.

Plenty further bootlegs of this concert exist, see under the above link to the actual gig.

Release Notes

  • Label: Sacred Records
  • Catalogue#: Release 215
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1991 (UK)


  • This is a complete copy of the Possession 2CD bootleg
    with all the mistakes regarding song titles, date of recording
    and performing band members as the latter.
  • The only difference is that the present bootleg CD features all songs on one CD.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/PoSSeSSion...

Track List

PoSSeSSion - CD cover (back)
  1.   Burn     Burn     2:05                                
  2.   Valentine     Valentine                    5:15
  3.   Anaconda                      Zero     3:45
  4.   Heartland     Heartland     3:52
  5.   Alice     Alice     4:02
  6.   Emma     Emmaline     6:54
  7.   Temple Of Love                                    Temple Of Love                             4:44
  8.   Floorshow     Floorshow     5:02
  9.   Adrenochrome     Sisters Of Mercy                          3:48                              
10.   Gimme Shelter     Gimmie Shelter     6:12
11.   Kiss The Carpet                  Kiss     4:19
12.   Body Electric     Louie Louie     5:14
13.   Lights     In The Rain                 6:40
14.   A medley consisting of
      Sister Ray / Louie Louie
      Ghost Rider / Louie Louie                     Sister Ray   12:20

Additional Pictures

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PoSSeSSion - Disc
PoSSeSSion - Tray (inside view)
PoSSeSSion - Cover (outside complete)