Out In The Dark

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Out In The Dark - CD Cover (front)
Out In The Dark - CD Cover (back)

Release Notes Source
Label: Kiss The Stone Recorded live at Go Bang! Festival, Berlin, 13 June 1992
Catalogue#: KTS103 The first song from the setlist (More) is missing.
Format: CD
Released 1992 (Italy)
Remarks The Band:
Very good sound quality Eldritch; Vocals
Recorded Live in Europe 1992 Bricheno; Guitar
Digital Mastering by GABS Bruhn; Guitar
Total running time: 70:01 min. Avalanche; Bass Computer /
Comes with a four-page front inlay                                               Drum Computer

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Track List

*all songs by Eldritch unless otherwise stated
 1   First And Last And Always    4:21 Marx, Eldritch
 2   Ribbons    4:18
 3   Alice    3:37
 4   Dominion/Mother Russia    7:42
 5   Body Electric    3:59
 6   Amphetamine Logic    4:16 Marx, Eldritch
 7   Gimme Shelter    6:03 Jagger, Richards
 8   Flood II    5:19
 9   This Corrosion    7:08
10   Comfortably Numb / Gilmour, Waters
       Some Kind Of Stranger    9:13
11   Stop Draggin' My Heart Around                                 2:39 S. Nicks, M. Campbell, T. Petty
12   Fix    2:55
13   Vision Thing    5:09
14   1969    3:17 Alexander, Osterberg, Asheton, Asheton

Additional Pictures

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Put In The Dark - Front Inlay (outside complete)
Out In The Dark - Disc
Out In The Dark - Front Inlay (inside)
Out In The Dark - Disc in Tray