Mon, 04-May-2009

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Mechanised Tour Logo 2009

Theatre Club, Jaffa / Tel-Aviv, Israel

Part of the Middle East leg of the 2008/2009

Ocean To Ocean / Mechanised Tour

The Sisters of Mercy's first official gig in Israel - and sold out!

Here are some links to The Sisters' performance of This Corrosion @Theatre Club, Jaffa/Tel Aviv and to

a compilation of snippets from all over the show   (the latter is unfortunately not the best sound quality

and has lots of crowd chorus ...)

For remarks, reviews, photos and everything please visit the Heartland Forum Archives...




Additional Pictures

Andrew Eldritch on stage - Jaffa/Tel Aviv
Both sides of a flyer announcing the concert
The motive of Von's hoodie i.e. the logo of OpenBSD - a UNIX-like computer operating system...