Live In Budapest 20-09-2017

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Live in Budapest 20-09-2017 - CD Cover Front (inside)
Live in Budapest 20-09-2017 - CD Cover (front)
Budapest Twentyseventeen - All Aboard! - CD Cover (front)

During their Sisters 2017 Tour, The Sisters of Mercy played revisited one of their favourite venues, the A38 in Budapest, Hungary.

Initial technical difficulties did not prevent them to perform another storming show. Andrew Eldritch at the end of the gig: We love the boat!. Thank You.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: SN.
  • Format: Data (FLACs) or CD-r (after converting)
  • Gear:
--> 2x Sony ECM-121 --> Zoom H2N
--> Sandisc SDHC card @ 24bit/48kHz WAV
  • Editing:
-->Mac HD --> Amadeus Pro
--> EQ, fades at beginning & end, track split
--> level 5 FLAC
  • Circulated: September 2017

Tapers' Notes

Mics were collar mounted & I was stood in what appeared to be the main thoroughfare to & from the bar.
First attempt at More was aborted as the sound only appeared to be coming from the fold back monitors. I left the aborted version in the file set so you can hear the reaction of the (very angry) crowd. Band left the stage until it was fixed & replayed More, this time with it coming through the PA. Pretty talky crowd (as usual) on the boat, but did my best to filter the worst out when I EQ’d it. First time out with the Zoom & I expect there are better recordings out there, but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It is what it is.

 **I left this in the hi-res format it was recorded in so if you want to make a CD you will need to downsample it to 16/44.1**

Please feel free to share as the original file set with the text & checksum & convert to lossy formats for your own (ab)use. But DO NOT SELL. Enjoy.


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  • All coverart is produced by the fanbase.
  • "Budapest Twentyseventeen - All Aboard!" by Planet Dave
  • "Live In Budapest 20-09-2017" by Reverend
  • Cover photos by Pista and Joy

Back Cover Notes
(Live In Budapest 20-09-2017)

  • © 2017 A Non-Merciful Release
All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed
Compiled by fans for fans. No copying
Subject by applicable laws
For promotional purposes only

Live in Budapest 20-09-2017 - CD Cover (back)
Budapest Twentyseventeen - All Aboard! - CD Cover (back)

Track List & Line-up

- (courtesy -

Main Show - CD 1 Encores - CD 2
   ●  More    ●  That's When I Reach For My Revolver
- (the "less" version) Start aborted due to PA problems ...                                      ●  Lucretia, My Reflection
restart    ●  Temple Of Love
   ●  More    ●  This Corrosion - "We love the boat! Thank You."
   ●  Ribbons
   ●  Doctor Jeep - Detonation Boulevard
   ●  Crash And Burn
   ●  No Time To Cry
   ●  Walk Away
   ●  Body And Soul Band / Line-up
   ●  Marian    ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals
   ●  Alice    ●  Chris Catalyst - guitars, backing vocals
   ●  Arms    ●  Ben Christo - guitars, bass, backing vocals
   ●  Dominion / Mother Russia    ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards
   ●  Summer    ●  Ravey Davey - nurse to The Doktor
   ●  First And Last And Always
   ●  Rumble
   ●  Flood II
   ●  Something Fast

Additional Pictures

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Budapest Twentyseventeen - All Aboard! - CD Cover Front (inside)
Live in Budapest 20-09-2017 - CD Cover Front Inlay (complete)