Klub Foot - Hammersmith 1982

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The Sisters of Mercy, Klub Foot, Dec 23th, 1982 - Watch

An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's concert

at Klub Foot, Hammersmith, London, on December 23, 1982.

As far as we know, two recordings from this concert do exist.

One has the first track Kiss The Carpet cut in the beginning,

but offers an excellent sound quality.

The other one is the version that was used for the bootleg-LP The Grief.

The still video here on the right side features the song Watch

and is taken from the best available copy of the audiences tapes.

Recording Notes

  • Tapers:
Tape version: Watson
LP version: unknown
  • Format: originally on cassette, now CD-r or data
No artwork is included to the tape version.
  • Duration: 37:08 min.

Handmade insert for a home-made tape featuring a Klub Foot 23.12.82 recording
Home-made tape with a recording from Klub Foot, 23.12.82

Track List