Gothenburg 2019

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Gothenburg 2019 - CD Cover (front)
Gothenburg 2019 - CD Cover (inlay)

A further audience recording from the
Swedish gigs of The Sisters of Mercy's
worldwide National Treasure club tour
in autumn 2019, this time with brilliant
sound quality

Recording Notes

  • Taper: Drsisters
  • Format: data (MP3s [198 Kbit/s]) / CDr
  • Lineage
--> recording gear (recorder & mic)
--> no bass roll off
--> Adobe Audition --> WAV
--> FREAC --> MP3s
  • Circulated: November 2019


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Taper's remarks
Cat is out of the bag ... This one turned out to be much better.
Was standing on the balcony on the right side just in front of the stacks.
  • Cover Art: PlanetDave

Band / Line-up
EBay Forbidden text.jpg

Track List

Gothenburg 2019 - CD Cover (back)
  • Instrumental