Donau So Blau

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Donau So Blau - DVD cover (front)

"more than 20 minutes of jazz"

A live video bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at Bank Austria Zelt, Vienna on 2 December 1993.

Recording Notes

  • Label: Fanbase Production
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Format: DVD (PAL) - data or DVD-r
  • Released: 2011


  • The sound track is based on Come Together In Mercyland vinyl and CD bootlegs as well as on other audience
    video and audio recordings all of which were edited, compiled and remastered by Heartland Forum member jost7.
  • Video quality: 2 -
  • Audio quality: 2 +
  • Ratio: 4:3

Quote from the producer:

A nice show and the first of the 1993 Overbombing Tour.
Andrew is in more than good mood, which can be made out easily.
His vocal performance also shows this circumstance, with both
great ups and small downs, especially when it's something fast.

Andrew is the man to give away his soul to the audience. Feel it!

NOTE: This is a DVD made by the fans for the fans and by no means intended for any sort of sale!!!

Track List

Donau So Blau - DVD cover (back) - The venue of this gig was located in front of the white buildings on left side of the Danube.

  1   Afterhours
  2   Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger
  3   Ribbons
  4   Train / Detonation Boulevard
  5   Alice (song)
  6   Giving Ground
  7   Come Together
  8   Anaconda
  9   On The Wire / Teachers
10   Amphetamine Logic
11   Flood II
12   Temple Of Love
13   This Corrosion
14   BREAK
15   First And Last And Always
16   Under The Gun
17   BREAK
18   Something Fast
19   Vision Thing