Chicago Cabaret Metro 3-June-1985

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Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985

Due to technical limitations of Wiki-formatting, the original title could not be used for this bootleg.

A 2LP bootleg of the Chicago (US) gig during the Armageddon Tour in 1985. Some test pressings were also made, see down below.

Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 45
  • Format: 2 × 12" vinyl LP
  • Production Note: Lathe Cut
  • Released: 2017 (Europe)


  • Strictly limited to 50 copies.
  • Pressed on black vinyl.
  • The art work of the cover and labels is a fusion of the logotype
of the Walk Away and the Anaconda/Phantom 7".
  • The back cover gives the bootleg title, the personnel and the track list. It is held in a similar vein as the front cover art work.
Further back cover notes are: "MADE FOR FANS NOT FOR MONEY", "Cover made by REPTILE", "p&c 2017" and the numbering "Limited ... /50".

  • While performing this song at the concert Andrew was tackled by a groupie, which led to an abrupt ending of the song and as well of the whole concert.
Read more about this happening in the entry of the concert.


Track List

Side One

Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Cover (back)

Side Two

Side Three

Side Four

Additional Pictures

Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Overview
Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Label

Test Pressing

A test pressing does also exist. There is, however, no catalogue# assigned to it.

Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Cover (front)
Chicago Cabaret Metro 3.June.1985 - Record 1


  • Only 5 copies were made.
  • Pressed on transparent vinyl
without labels.
  • The vinyls come in a plain
white cover with a coloured
printed xerox glued to the
  • The art work is similar, but
not identical to the one of
the final release.
  • The cover and the xerox are
handnumbered .../ 5 in a
goldish colour , whereas the
records have the side marks
and the numbering in black
letters on them.