Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 Multicam Video DVD

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Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - DVD Cover (front)
Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - DVD Cover (back)

A multicam video-DVD of The Sisters of Mercy's
famous performance at Reading Festival 1991.
Filmed from two angles.

This fan-based effort makes the full show with the
complete audio available on DVD for the first time.

Recording Notes

  • Tapers: n.a.
  • Format: Multicam VIDEO DVD (4.50go) or data
  • Equipment & Personnel:
Audio Equipment: Sony Walkman TCS-350
Video Equipment: - unknown -
Video Editing & Realisation: Lasyboylive
  • Lineage:
--> Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 14.0
--> DVD Architect 6
  • Circulated: Summer 2018

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  • Great sound quality
  • Running Time:
Show - 01:18:31 hrs. + interview 02:02 min.
The same motive and colours were used for the Brothers And Sisters (CD) bootleg,
featuring the same gig. The recording on that audio CD is, however, incomplete.
The cover photo used there and here was taken at the The Sisters of Mercy's gig
at Stadthalle Freiburg on May 5th, 1991, i.e. a few weeks before the Reading Festival

Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - DVD Spine


one of the rarer occasions in Sisters History that Body And Soul and Possession were performed live
and the only occasion ever when the band performed a medley consisting of He's Got The Whole World In His Hands,
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life and 1969.
  • Some full-show videos from this remarkable show have been available for a long time,
unfortunately though, in VHS-format only, see for example:
Reading Festival 1991 (video) or SISTERS OF MERCY - Reading (video).
All existing audio bootlegs feature only a part of the concert, too, see Brothers And Sisters (CD) and The Neon Dream.
  • The present release makes this show available on DVD, and in its full format.
In addition, a short MTV interview with Andrew Eldritch is included at the end of the set.
  • The multicam video of The Sisters of Mercy's performance used for this DVD is also available here on YouTube

Dave Kendall interviews Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters of Mercy for MTV 120minutes @Reading Festival 1991

Band/Performing Personnel

Track List

Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - Lightscribe

  • Interview - at Reading Festival 1991, Andrew Eldritch finds time for a chat with MTV's 120-Minutes-presenter
      Dave Kendall - about festivals, about that year's Tune In... Turn On... Load Out... US-Tour with Public Enemy,
      Gang of Four and Warrior Soul, and about ... a new album and its expected time of release ...


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Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - DVD Cover (complete)
Brothers And Sisters Reading 1991 - The Sisters of Mercy @Reading Festival 1991 (video)