BAKTABAK 12" Interview Picture Disc

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12" Interview Picture Disc - Vinyl (Side 1) in Sleeve
12" Interview Picture Disc - Vinyl (Side 2) in Plastic Sleeve

Release Notes

  • Label: BAKTABAK Records
  • Catalogue#: BAK 2082
12" Interview Picture Disc - Vinyl (Side 1) apparently with insert
  • Format: 12" vinyl picture disc
  • Released: 1988 (UK)


  • Allegedly a limited edition, but there is no indication as to how many copies were actually produced.
  • The picture disc nowadays often comes merely in a clear thick plastic sleeve (PVC).
  • Originally the disc is additionally stored in a thick, glossy die-cut 12" hardpaper cover.
  • Apparently, some copies are accompanied by an insert sheet.
  • The backside of the cover shows a list of all BAKTABAK releases assorted to format.
  • In addition, the back cover notes:

The TALKING PICTURE series of interview albums and compact discs
contain rare and spontaneous interviews with the stars. These interviews
are exclusive to BAKTABAK Records and in many cases have been heard
by no one other than the interviewer prior to their release in this series.
The TALKING PICTURE series of compact discs has been digitally processed

to improve the quality of the original recording.


This source is not confirmed.
  • Evidenced by this reel, there are other assumptions that this interview took place
in London in November or December 1987.

12" Interview Picture Disc - Vinyl (Side 2) with Sleeve (back)

This interview is (partly or in full) also available on two other BAKTABAK releases, see

In addition it can be found on one of the following vinlys, though not complete:

Track List

  • 1    Interview (Part 1)
  • 2    Interview (Part 2)

Interview Details

Total Running Time: about 29 min.

  • Talks about where Andrew lives (Hamburg / London / Leeds) and his hate of London
12" Interview Picture Disc - Vinyl (Side 1) with Sleeve (front)
  • Writing process and production
  • Hamburg, musicians and groupies
  • Leaving Oxford and moving to Leeds
  • Learning Chinese - being a tourist - Taiwan
  • Growing up and music
  • Andrew Eldritch admitting he can't sing - career in music - learning to play drums
  • Originally 14 songs written for Floodland - producing the album