Amphitamine Logic (DVD)

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Amphitamine Logic - Video Complilation Cover (front)

A compilation of audience video recordings from The Sisters of Mercy's concert

at the Amphi Festival 2012, Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany on 21rst July 2012.

Release/Recording Notes

  • Label: none
EBay Forbidden.jpg
  • Lineage/Equipment:
    The main part was recorded with a Lumix DMC-TZ8.
    The extra track is a multicam video edited from various sources.
  • Format: data / FLV / MP4
  • Released: 2012


  • Incomplete - this video does not show the whole concert
    Various audio recordings of the full show do exist as well, see Amphitamine Logic.
  • This compilation consist of two audience videos from the fanbase.
    The main part was recorded by Heartland Forum member Scardwell.
    The extra track was recorded (in parts), arranged and edited by Doc Sommer
    with thanks to all footage contributors for the help to make this multicam edit possible.


Amphitamine Logic - DVD Video Compilation (Cover Back)

These recordings and artwork are made by fans for fans and not meant for sale or any other abuse!

Go to the gigs and buy the official releases of the band!!!

Band / Line-up

  • Ravey Davey - Nurse to the Doktor

Track List

Main Part

Extra Track

  • This Corrosion
    Mulitcam video of Lisa Cuthbert - This Corrosion (Acoustic Cover) live at Amphi Festival 2012

Additional Pictures

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Amphitamine Logic - Coverart for DVD Slim Case (complete)
Amphitamine Logic - Coverart for DVD Slim Case (complete) with Print Marks