Acetates And Test Pressings

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On this page all known acetats and testpressings for official releases of The Sisters of Mercy

and of related band like The Sisterhood and SSV are listed in chronological order.

This list is, however, rough so far and clearly not complete.

On the bottom of this page, there is - for your additional information - also an alphabetical list

of bootleg acetates and test pressings, though even more work in progress than the list for the originals.

For some general information about Acetates and Testpressings see the following links @wikipedia:

Acetates, Reels and Stuff

1980 - 1985

1986 - 1989

1990 - 1999

2000 - present


1980 - 1985

1986 - 1989

1990 - present

Bootleg Acetates And Test Pressings

These are listed here in alphabetical order.

This page is Work in Progress and going to be extended as soon as ever possible