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Concert poster announcing the gig

Warehouse, Leeds, England

This concert was part of the UK Spring Tour 1983.

The Sisters of Mercy played this concert without any support act or other bands at the event.

An audience recording of this show does exist and is being circulated among the fanbase.

Beyond that, a vinyl bootleg titled Aporetical Poetry surfaced more recently,

which features an incomplete recording of this concert.

A short mention of this venue and gig is included here ... and here under

Life Before Alice: Andrew Eldritch, Leeds & The Birth of The Sisters of Mercy,

where - thanks to Phil Verne an announcement poster is displayed as well.

A wonderful extensive read on this concert, that you shouldn't miss, is available

Old press ad for the gig

under Sisters Mysteries VII - Damage Done live, Leeds Warehouse January 20th 1983

in the I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan blog.


Band Line-up 1983 bw.jpg

Press Review

Review of the band’s gig on 20th January 1983 published by the weekly newspaper Leeds Student.

For a picture of the review, please check here

THE SISTERS OF MERCY almost too cliched to be bear- decibels equal to the most
Warehouse able, with the dramatic entr- violent guitar solos of Angus
ance of singer Andy. But it Young echoed in their ears.
Thinking isn't one of the most worked... creating an So much noise...
obvious things to do at a Sis- atmosphere to be felt and  It's too easy to slag off local
ters show... You could almost touched. One of bands by muttering about
dance, rubbing shoulders gloom, darkness. heavy metal and emitting sly
with leather and acne. And if comments about some of the
you get near the front, you Floorshow, the current individuals in question. The
might even be able to touch double A-sided single which Sisters are, and will continue
one of the band. The Sisters has had some nationwide to be, one of the most impor-
say "We're a rock band". Very recognition, was played at its tant developments in the
often and very loud. They best; venomous and power- North.
seem to suffer from that sort ful. The Sisters try to look as  They deserve nationwide
of mentality. A band destined mean as possible, which recognition, i.e. London. Two
to play for the 'kids'. more than often makes them encores proved they've
look comical. The manic stroll enough support here. With
There is a thin dividing line across the stage, and the star- the rise of The March Violets,
between heavy metal and the ing eyes did little to eliminate       Southern Death Cult and
slow, dark pulsating music of their slide into monotony. Danse Society, the Sisters
the Sisters. It's almost so thin will probably be the ones to
that they quite often disappear       Halfway through the set to push forward first.
into the obscure shadows of and even old favourites like  Oh yes, and of course, the
irritating guitar playing and Alice couldn't rescue them 'kids' love them
monotonous rhythms. from the crashing noise of the
guitars. Winces could be seen
The opening song was upon the 'kids' faces as SARA CLARKE

The Full Gig In Still Videos

Still video - Kiss The Carpet, 20.01.83
Still video - Floorshow, 20.01.83
Still video - Watch, 20.01.83
Still video - Adrenochrome, 20.01.83
Still video - Alice, 20.01.83
Still video - Valentine, 20.01.83
Still video - Anaconda, 20.01.83
Still video - Body Electric, 20.01.83
Still video - 1969, 20.01.83
Still video - Lights, 20.01.83
Still video - Sister Ray, 20.01.83
Still video - The Damage Done, 20.01.83

Our thanks for all these wonderful video documents go to endemoniada75.***

Check that channel and you will definitely find many more great treasures from the early days of The Sisters of Mercy!!!
  *** except The Damage Done by spiggytapes.