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This Corrosion - Artwork for 7" and 12" Single

The single was launched in advance of The Sisters of Mercy's second album Floodland

and reached number 7 in the UK Charts.

Quote from SPEX - Issue January 1988 -Prinz der Feuchgebiete (German):
"The single was released on 18 September 1987. Each format (7 inch, 12 inch, CD and cassette)
contained a different mix of the song, a fact that Eldritch explained this way: "Originally, I only
wanted the long version, for me the song had to be this way. But the record company vetoed that,
so I spent a weekend at the mixing desk. I liked the three minute edit the best, then I thought I'd
do another one at mid-length. The LP mix is the same as the 12 inch version, it just fades out a
bit earlier. The cassette version is different again cos Jim insisted on doing an edit of his own.
He's more into little bits and pieces."
  • As we have been confirmed through thorough research from the fanbase, the release date of
    the UK issues was September 21st, 1987 and September 30th 1987, respectively. SPEX,
    being a German music mag, will have considered the release date for continental Europe, instead.
Some interesting remarks on this question can be found here in this post @The Heartland Forums.


As a matter of fact, discogs lists sixteen 12"-singles, twenty 7"-singles, three CD-singles and three cassette-singles, a total of 42 editions all released in 1987, omitting the 2015 re-release contained in the Floodland Vinyl Reissue (4xVinyl Box). Anyway, we're not gonna list all these editions here, also due to the fact that more than 10 of them are Promos or Test Pressings and some are obviously noted twice in that list (nonetheless, we're gonna elaborate the table below a bit further, asap).

  Label   Catalogue#   Date of Release   Country         Format   Remarks
  Merciful Release         MR39   21 September 1987         UK   7" Single   The original Merciful Release pressing comes in a  
  paper sleeve with top opening and a wide thumb hole.  
  Merciful Release   MR39 T   21 September 1987   UK   12" Single   Here too, the original Merciful Release pressing comes  
  in a paper sleeve with top opening and a wide thumb hole.  
  Merciful Release / WEA     MR39T, 248216-0     21 September 1987     UK   12" Single         
  Merciful Release   MR39 C   21 September 1987   UK   Cassette         
  Merciful Release   MR39 B   30 September 1987   UK   7" - Box Set   
  Merciful Release   MR39 CD         30 September 1987         UK   Gatefold CD-single         
  WEA   248 217-7         18 September 1987   Europe   7"   
  Elektra   90-66790   1987   USA   12"   
  Elektra   9 69434-4   1987   USA   Cassette   

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Contents of This Corrosion 7" Box Set


  • Run out: "I'll be picking up your petals in another few hours..."
  • Cassette has also been issued as a Special Edition

Tracks and Track Times

Song   7" Single     12" Single     Cassette Single     CD-Single
This Corrosion    4:24     8:37      3:59      11:15  
Torch    3:50   3:50    3:50     3:50
Colours      ---   7:13    4:16     4:15
This Corrosion (extended)      ---     ---    5:16       ---

NOTE: The original Floodland album version of This Corrosion ranges from 9:15 to 10:55.

Line up / Recording Personnel

Additional Pictures

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12" Merciful Release / WEA Single

This Corrosion - 12" MR / WEA Single
- Cover (front)
This Corrosion - 12" MR / WEA Single - Excerpt from Cover (back)
This Corrosion - 12" MR / WEA Single
- Label Side A - This Corrosion
This Corrosion - 12" MR / WEA Single
- Label Side B - Torch and Colours

12" ELEKTRA Single

This Corrosion - 12" ELEKTRA Single
- Cover (front)
This Corrosion - 12" ELEKTRA Single
- Label Side A - This Corrosion
This Corrosion - 12" ELEKTRA Single
- Label Side B - Torch and Colours