The Peel Sessions

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The Peel Sessions - CD cover (front)
A common Sisters bootleg cassette from the 1980ies with a compilation of sessions and demos

A bootleg CD that has derived from early Sisters bootleg

cassettes like the one you can see on the right ...

Release Notes

  • no information on any actual release available
  • a fan produce compiled from other bootlegs (or bootleg cassettes)
  • this is one of the bootlegs to be found in various blogs for download with artwork included
  • created merely for private use with no intentions of any sales


  • all tracks recorded at various
BBC Radio One Sessions with John Peel


The Peel Sessions CD cover (back)
  1. Good Things
  2. Floorshow /Alice
  3. 1969
  4. Alice
  5. Poison Door
  6. Walk Away
  7. No Time To Cry
  8. Emma

Cover Remark

  • Alice was recorded only once for the September 1982 session.
    Unfortunately the rebroadcast version of Floorshow was sequenced
    with Alice so the solo Alice is included from a separate broadcast.

Additional Pictures

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The Peel Sessions - CD cover (front inlay complete)