Testament Of Ivar L

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Testament Of Ivar L. - Cover (front)

A 2LP live bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Tour Thing I in 1990,

titled TESTAMENT OF IVAR L. - dedicated to Gustave

Release Notes

  • Label: Tenpole Elp
  • Catalogue#: 849-3 Double
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1991


  • The vinyls come with plain white labels.
  • A limited edition box of 65 copies does exist as well.
    These boxes have a silver print and include a t-shirt and a videotape of the concert.
  • A "special edition box-set" from Greece does exist as well.
    This one comes with a t-shirt featuring the artwork of the LIFE book
    and includes a setlist, a ticket as well as an edition of the Heartland Fanzine.
    some boxes do also include a VHS-video of the gig.

Testament Of Ivar L. - Box Set (contents)

Quote from the cover back:
For your information: "Ivar L. was a young Swedish man in the 19th century.

He killed his really loved son, he didn´t want him to suffer from being alive.

Later on he killed himself when he realised that there was no more reason to live.

This record is dedicated to Gustave."


  • At least one video recording does exist, see Dusseldorf Philipshalle (video).
    This one could possibly be the tape or the master of the tape that is included in one of the box sets.

For recent price developments see popsike/Ivar... or sistersbootleg/testamentofivarl

or, alternatively, this source...

Track List

Record One    Record Two   
Side A Side B Side C Side D
A1.   First And Last And Always              B1.   Dominion/Mother Russia                        C1.   Amphetamine Logic              D1.   Jolene
A2.   Lucretia, My Reflection B2.   Flood II C2.   Marian D2.   Temple Of Love
A3.   Body And Soul B3.   Valentine C3.   Alice D3.   Something Fast
A4.   Detonation Boulevard B4.   Heartland C4.   Gimme Shelter D4.   Vision Thing
A5.   Ribbons B5.   Doctor Jeep C5.   This Corrosion   

Additional Pictures

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Testament Of Ivar L. - Cover (back)
Testament Of Ivar L. - Cover (front) with vinyl
Testament Of Ivar L. - Greek Box with video